Rabu, 24 Juli 2013

Story of "Ila" Expenses in Trondheim

Ila (fake name) is a girl from Jakarta, Indonesia. She started to study for Master in Trondheim last year. Firstly, she was very worried about the living cost in Trondheim. He heard from many people that live in Norway is so expensive, on the other hand she only has a limited amount of money every month. However, things went better than she predicted. With a good management of money, not only she does not run out of money, but she also could spend some. After a year, she is now sharing her tips and trick to be savvy in Norway! She also breakdown her expenses every month so you could learn from her and adapts her way. Of course, everyone has his or her own way to save money and it can vary so much.

As a background information, Ila is single (not married) and she is living in Herman Krags Veg Moholt. She has to cook every day, otherwise she will finished her account quickly, because restaurant in Norway is very expensive (minimum 200 NOK). She prioritize the expense from the most important to less important stuff, so she can delete the expense that is not important.

She only spends around 5700 NOK each month! Then if your expense is around this amount, congratulations because you are a savvy person! You can save your money later to buy clothes, books, stationery, etc. Then, no worry that as a student, living in Norway is not enough. Ila is pretty healthy and fresh, because she always has a good nutrition and keep up her health well. Sometimes she also walks, jog,  or doing aerobics in her room (using Youtube video). It is a cheaper way to get shaped up without going to the gym.

Other than sharing her expense, Ila also want to share several useful shopping tips to you. The first is, anywhere you shop, always search for label B (in Bunnpris), or REMA 1000 (in Rema), or Coop (in Coop), or First Price in Kiwi and Meny. Those label will be cheaper comparing with similar goods. Second, before you shop, always compare the price from several supermarkets, because sometimes they offer a good discount (tilbud) in certain period. Nowadays is very easy to do this, because each supermarket has its own website. Simply visit bunnpris.no, rema1000.no, kiwi.no, or coop.no to find out the good deals of the week! Generally, Rema1000 and Coop is the cheapest supermarket, but Bunnpris is the nearest one if she is lazy to walk. Kiwi is specially cheaper in vegetables and fruits. If she wants to watch movie, once in a while, she can use Chess Tirsdag (Tuesday) promo buy one get one ticket in Prinsens or Nova Kinosenter. Smart and savvy choice!

Thank you for reading. I hope Ila's story will be useful for you.

Minggu, 21 Juli 2013

Trondheim City Catalog

As a newcomer in a city, it might be hard for you to find out what recommended store in the city is, and where you visit if you need something. If you are new in Trondheim, then you are lucky! Because I am going to share to you my experience during one year living in Trondheim. You could visit my slide in


 to know what is the popular store and stuff in Trondheim. Not only that, there is also money changer, asian food market, barbershop, and the famous Toilldag in Trondheim. Especially for you Asians people, who can not live without spicy food and discounts! :p

Enjoy my writing and I hope I can help you! Do not hesitate to ask me if you have question!

Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013

Students Guide in Trondheim, Arrival Checklist

After your arrival as a student in Trondheim, Norway, there are 16 activities you should do to make your stay comfortable and legal. Does it sounds too much? Yes, it is. But, don't get upset. I will help you to make your arrival easier and less panic. Follow step by step my guide, and you will find things are organized well! In a brief word, there are three main things that you should do: register yourself to Norway government, register yourself to NTNU study system, and register yourself to Indonesian Embassy in Norway. It sounds easy. First of all you need to report to KBRI Oslo about your arrival, then you have to report address change to the nearest post office, then normally as a student you have to register for class and pay the semester fee, and get your Student ID and semester card. Then you have to apply for residence permit, and National Population Register (Norwegian ID number). Opening bank account, and you are only one step away from register for your personal physician. All the steps will be finished by November or December, if you arrive on August.

Do you want more complete information? Visit my slide in http://www.slideshare.net/lau313/ppit-tells-you-part-4

Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

Students Guide in Trondheim - First Three Days in Trondheim

Hello, reader! This week I'm coming back by telling you what are important things we should do during our first day in Trondheim? First of all, we arrive safely in Værnes Airport in Trondheim, then we should try to exchange money to Norwegian Krone )NOK, because currency used in Trondheim (and all Norway) is NOK. Then, go to Moholt Studentby by Værnesekspressenbus. After that you stop in Moholt or Moholt Studentby bus station, and then you pick up your key in SiT Bolig. It is somehow difficult for the first time to find where is your apartment building, but the map in my slide will help you much! You must be feel hungry, isn't it? Then grab your food supply in the nearest supermarket like Bunnpris, Rema 1, or Kiwi. Don't forget to eat healthy food and have enough sleep! Day 2, because you are newcomer, you need to buy buscard from AtB Store (Buscard company in Trondheim). Don't forget to bring your passport and admission letter to NTNU to buy student price card. On day 3, you can buy cheapest utility and equipment for your next life in Trondheim. Also if you want cheaper price, you can join with Students Market Trondheim Group in Facebook.

Do you want more complete information? Visit my slide in http://www.slideshare.net/lau313/ppit-tells-you-part3?utm_source=ss&utm_medium=upload&utm_campaign=quick-view

Minggu, 16 Juni 2013

Students Guide in Trondheim - Pre-Departure, What Should I Do?

Congratulations! You have been accepted as a new master students in Trondheim :). Okay, what should you do next? You should prepare your departure to Trondeim, surely after you have confirmed your acceptance to offering letter to be a Master Student. I list four important things to do before your departure to Trondheim. Hope it helps!
1. Manage your Residence Permit to Norway
How to apply for a residence permit refer to http://www.norway.or.id/Embassy/Visa-and-other-permits/Schengen-visa/Schengen-Visa/ and http://www.udi.no/Norwegian-Directorate-of-Immigration/Central-topics/Studies/How-do-I-apply-for-a-residence-permit-for-students/. You need to apply online and then hand in your application to Norway Embassy in Jakarta. This is a temporary permit. You should renew the visa after your arrival in Trondheim.
2. Buy Flight Ticket to Trondheim. It is recommended to buy ticket after residence permit is granted. Typical cheap airlines to Trondheim: Qatar, KLM, Turkish. I would recommend KLM because you can buy extra baggage (usually we bring a lot of stuff in the first arrival), and you can flight directly from Jakarta-Amsterdam-Trondheim (if you fly via Oslo, for example with Qatar Airlines, you need to take baggage in the airport and check it in again)
3. Prepare your stuff (refer to file "What to Bring")
4. Confirm SiT Housing. You should sign acceptance contract for one year with SiT (housing provider). Most likely you will be booked place in Moholt Alle or Herman Krags Veg (you can not choose but you are given some preference)

Do you want more complete information? Visit my slide in http://www.slideshare.net/lau313/ppit-tells-you-part-2

Sabtu, 15 Juni 2013

Students Guide in Trondheim - What to Bring

Hello, it's been a long time since I updated my blog. Fiuhh..Today I sit in my apartment in Stavanger, wondering if I could do something useful. And I try to make some kind of catalog that hopefully can ease a new students who wants to study in Trondheim, particularly Moholt Apartment. Maybe you are confused to choose what kind of things you should bring, especially because of the limited weight of baggage? Don't worry, I will tell you now.

You can easily forget what to bring to a new city. But by using my checklist, you will hardly miss anything! I would gladly share it.

1. Important things: white lamp, wireless router, LAN cable (min. 3 m), cable extension, spare eyeglasses
2. Utilities: bedsheet, pillow, pillow sheets
3. Cooking Utensils (optional): rice cooker, frying pan, boiling pot
4. Clothes and Toiletries: winter coat, jacket, shirt, soap, shampoo, dry lotion
5. Medicine: headache, cold, flu, fever, stomachache, maag, vitamin, omega 3, allergy
6. Foods: rendang, abon, ikan teri, instant spices

Do you want more complete things and more convenient look? Visit my slideshare in http://www.slideshare.net/lau313/what-to-bring-in

Have a good day!

Minggu, 17 April 2011

Perfect Date Ever

what is your perfect date moment? some will say it will be sunset in beautiful place, ora cool night in the top of the building, when you could see the cityscape from the top,with someone that you love. everybody could define their own perfect date, unforgottablemoment with the one you love. my definition for perfect date is nor in the romantic beach, nor in the highest mountainthat i could see the landscape and the light in the night, though I won't miss for thatmoment also. perfect date for me is when you are in the middle of the jungle, misseseveryone, feel so lonely and wondering when could you escape from that remote area,then all of a sudden someone that you always expected to come but you know it's soimpossible to meet suddenly comes up in front of you. You know that he is busy, heactually has many things to do, but the fact is he come by just to see you and make surethat you are okay. He didn't even has a business in that jungle, or I don't think the jungleis worthwhile to be visited. And it's so funny why i couldn't stop smiling that day, there's no cinema so we could sawmovies, no interesting place that we can stop by and see. We're just go to karaoke oldsong, because there's no update song in the old karaoke place. Afterwards, no romanticcandle light dinner, but that's one of the delicious food I've ever tasted. we're singing andplaying guitar, sing our favourite song together and laugh. We keep talking and catchingup the update, oh I will never bored to chat and jokes around with him :), and the timehas reached, it's late, and we have to go sleep. he didn't even have place to sleep, but some how he figure out the way..and he saideverything will be ok. and that night, I feel so happy that I want to cry, which I'll neverfeel before. tomorrow comes, and he has to come back before the sun, to catch bus backto his town,,and he is gone, as fast as he greet good morning and take care. No words was said, but I know that he love me :)..perfect date ever..